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Please read the important information below regarding to our Terms in relation to our  Motorbike Insurance

The Insurance Policy for our Motorbikes states that if the rider is solely responsible for an accident involving the motorbike then they are liable to pay an excess of up to €400 for the repairs to the motorbike.

This means that, unfortunately, if you were to have an accident on one of our motorbikes during the holiday, then we would need to pass this cost of up to €400 onto you.  If the accident is not the fault of the rider then there is absolutely no cost to pay.  There is also no liability to pay for the cost of any other party/vehicle involved in an accident, even if the accident is your fault.  This is covered by our insurance policy.

Please note that there is no additional cost to the quoted price, the only extra charges would come into effect if you were to have an accident on the motorbike.

Please also note that all riders need to be aged 25 years or over to holiday with us.

All our bikes are owned by us and fully insured for guests, they are Spanish registered and Taxed,

We are a registered company in Spain (SL) and we have company liability insurance here in Spain

We have been told by one of our guests of some companies operating in Europe with UK registered Bikes and have been checked on the DVLA website that the bikes are SORN, which means the machines are NOT legal to ride here in Spain as they are not even legal in the UK, we would advise anybody wanting to rent bikes in Europe to double check with the company/operator that all insurances are in place and the bikes are legal to ride in the chosen country!

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