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Michelin Motorcycle Tyres UK

We are proud to announce our new partnership with Michelin Tyres as our official tyre suppliers for more information about the fantastic range click the link Michelin Motorcycle


Biking Abroad is proud to be partnered with Destination Yamaha Motor

About the platform

discover the best motorcycle adventures on the planet


From the little-known dirt trails of Mongolia to the picturesque, twisty roads of southern Europe.

From the endless routes along the stunning Australian coastline to the breath-taking mountain passes of Colombia.

Planning and experiencing your own journey of discovery is well within your reach.

Destination Yamaha Motor is a global, motorcycling travel platform that connects you with the possibility to engage in a wide variety of suitable, safe and enjoyable motorcycle tours.

Working together with a selection of acclaimed and highly-experienced tour operators, it offers a variety of travel options spanning five different continents.

From one-day to four months, there’s an adventure for everyone.

As the point of reference for all things adventure, Destination Yamaha Motor’s online platform serves up carefully selected travel destinations from around the globe, offering inspiration and helping you turn ideas into actions.

By inputting your desired destinations and expected criteria, the platform filters down to the most suitable tours according to your requests.

Taking you one step closer to turning your motorcycling dreams into a reality, it then introduces you to the people who will ensure a well-planned and safe riding experience.

To put the seal on the perfect ride and ensure that your trip really is a dream come true, most operators offer the possibility to book your experience with Yamaha machinery.

So whether you want to tackle the dunes and deserts, winding tarmac wildernesses or simply get lost off the beaten track, you know there’s a Yamaha motorcycle perfectly suited to the trip, ready to go.




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